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Control Panels

Generator Control Panels


D&J Generators Ltd provide the follow range of gen-set controllers:

Automatic Mails Failure

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Automatic Synchronisation Panels

D&J Generators Ltd can provide customers with site  specific Automatic  Mains  Failure  (AMF) panels,  where the site may be manual changeover D&J Generators Ltd can provide an AMF solution.

D&J Generators Ltd use a variety of AMF switch-gear options and digital controllers to meet the requirements of specific installations. If a customer has an electronically controlled engine with CAN interface, D&J Generators Ltd choses the InteliLite from ComAp.

D&J Generators Ltd are a specialist supplier of custom built synchronisation panels. D&J Generators Ltd’s preferred digital synchronisation controller is the InteliGen NT from ComAp. This controller is modular in design ensuring that most customer specifications can be meet.

Power control specialists

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